Navigate your Gobbler Marketplace Account

Use the "Welcome" page, here, to access the three main sections of your Gobbler Marketplace  account with one click. 



- The My Orders tile takes you to your Order Management page. There you can cancel/pause or reactivate your susbcription(s).

- The My Installers tile takes you to your Installers page. There you can download the installer(s) of the most recent version of the Gobbler app as well as plug-ins for which you have licenses. 
- The My Profile tile takes you to your User Profile page.  The you can update your Gobbler Marketplace account's e-mail address and password. You can also unlink / link iLok account(s) by entering the iLok account(s) User ID(s).  

- The My Payment Profile tile takes you to your Payment Method page. There you can change/update your payment information as well as retry a payment if your subscription's renewal payment as failed.


Through the new Main menu, in the upper right corner, you can access a few more sections of your account.


- The Home option takes you back to the "Welcome" page from wherever you are in your account.

- The My Profile option takes you, after you log in again, to your "Profile" page (where you can change your account's e-mail address, your password, unlink/link your iLok account...etc).

- The Payment Method option takes you to your Payment Method page (see description above).

- The Order Management option takes you to your Order Management page (see description above).

- The Order History option takes you to your Order History page (where the most recent payment dates of your subscription(s)are listed and a link to your payment statements is accessible).

- The Installers option takes you to your Installers page (see description above).

- The Help page takes you to our Knowledge Base (where you can access a variety of articles about the Gobbler platform and use the Search box for answers to your question(s) and issue(s). 


The Gobbler Team

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