Activate your plug-ins licenses

Seven licenses, one for each of the seven plug-ins included in the SoundCloud/Gobbler bundle, are deposited in the iLok account you linked to your Gobbler account when the sign-u process is complete. 

The licenses need to be activated before you can use the plug-ins.
Two options are available: 

1) Using the Gobbler app:  The app does not have to be running. Just installed.

  • Launch your DAW.
  • Open any one of the plug-ins from the bundle to start the activation process.
  • Choose the Activation Location (Computer or iLok key).
  • Confirm the activation.

You can download the app's installer here: Gobbler's Marketplace Homepage.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "Download Gobbler" link.


2) Using your iLok License Manager (ILM):

  • Launch your ILM.
  • Right-click the licenses you want to activate and choose the "Activate" option.
  • Choose the Activation Location (Machine or iLok key).
  • Confirm the activation.
  • Launch your DAW to use your plug-ins.

You can download the iLok License Manager here: PACE/iLok's ILM page if it is not already installed on your computer.

 Please note:

- There is no need for activation code(s) for licenses acquired through a subscription.
You will not receive any activation code, from Gobbler or from the plug-in publishers.


The Gobbler team

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